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Dandelion Africa reduces maternal and child mortality by providing quality and accessible healthcare to communities in hard to reach rural areas. We do this through a medical facility, our backpack nurses who go door-to-door and a network of over 100 unpaid community health volunteers. 

We provide free quality healthcare to children under the age of five. We encourage women to access affordable reproductive health services, enabling them to have time for productive work and engage in economic and leadership opportunities. 

Dandelion Africa works with communities and the government on practical and systematic change so that communities in rural Kenya have access to quality healthcare. We engage boys and men so they are agents of change and champion women’s health and livelihoods.

2022 fundraiser champions for social justice

Help raise $10,000 for the 70% of women local to Dandelion Africa

Dandelion’s research shows that 70% of women local to Dandelion Africa have unmet needs for family planning, with only 56% receiving antenatal care. Insufficient healthcare is often due to poor education and infrastructure. In response to this, Dandelion has actively adopted new platforms of delivery to push the Dandelion Africa Health Program to reach these remote areas.

What makes Dandelion Africa different?

We engage deeply with the communities we represent, we understand these communities well and we are committed to developing sustainable solutions that work for our communities. We identify and focus on the systemic forces at the root of the community problem and we work to create solutions that show our vision for a better community.

“My capacity has been built, and I must therefore build the capacity of others.”

“I came into contact with Dandelion Africa after being introduced by my two friends, Margret and Emma, who are members of women groups that have been working with Dandelion for over 4 years. I had mobilized a group of 20 people, we called ourselves, Tegat Disabled Group, we wanted our members who were differently abled, to be transformed the way Margaret and Emmas group had been”. - Rose Nerea Achieng

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