Levin Chepngeno, the 18 years old who lives with her aunt at Rafiki estate dropped out of school due to unplanned pregnancy. Ms. Chepngeno shared with us that she dropped from Lenginet secondary school following stigmatization and the need to conceal her 7 months pregnancy. She confessed to our health care providers that she did not have knowledge on Sexual reproductive Health and Rights. After accepting the pregnancy, Ms. Chepngeno said that she decided to start antenatal care at a public hospital but the health care providers at the facility stigmatized her even further.

“My aunt heard about Dandelion Medical Center especially on youth friendly services being offered at the facility and asked me pay them a visit.” Said Ms. Chepngeno 

Later, Ms. Chepngeno came for more 3 visits then on 17/12/2019 she came with complains of abdominal pains and when we examined her she was in labor and managed to give birth to life male infant birth weighing 2.8kgs.We shared with her information on Sexual Reproductive Health and she agreed to start family planning and promised to resumed school come in January.