Girls For Leaders

Despite a massive increase in Kenyan school attendance since the millennium, unsupported female adolescents still remain at a high risk of dropping out of schools. For many of these young women this is due to unwanted pregnancy, early marriage or parental gender bias. Additionally, there are many who simply don’t have the resources to manage their menstrual cycle. To fall out of school for these reasons leaves children with very little choice to decide upon their future. Dandelion Africa’s Youth Peer Providers (YPPs) engage with hundreds of students daily from 42 different schools. This is a dynamic ‘health for youth by youth’ approach, whereby our trained YPPs are able to create workshops and activities that bring about awareness over the risks that befall predominately female students. This results in both boys and girls gaining a full understanding over their sexual reproductive rights (SRHR), body changes, menstrual hygiene and how to fight sexual harassment.

Your donation will directly fund the amazing work of these YPPs, as well as the annual distribution of 20,000 sanitary towels that are given by Dandelion Africa.

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