Elimination of GBV

Poverty can increase violence. Particular for women and girls living in poverty, they face multiple forms of discrimination, and face increased risks of violence as a result. Gender-based violence is often so entrenched within our societies that it passes us unchecked.

Like any form of violence, GBV thrives in secrecy ignorance and shame, yet gender —a societal role according to your biological sex— is often misunderstood or cast aside as liberal jargon, but doing so comes at the heavy price of letting this form of violence continue uncontested. Central to this fight against GBV is also bringing an end to female genital mutilation (FGM). 

By training men, village elders and the administration systems on identifying, responding and procecuting cases of GBV, we are creating more awareness on the effects of GBV at the community level and reducing the stigma around reporting of GBV at the community level.

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