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70% women local to Dandelion Africa have unmet needs for family planning, while only 56% receiving antenatal care. Insufficient healthcare like this is often due to poor education and infrastructure, for this reason, the Dandelion Africa Health Program pushes to reach those remote areas.

This program is divided between several platforms, each delivering healthcare in a unique and integrated way: Our  Backpack Nurse reaches 34 different villages monthly and work  with 34 health institutions in improving the health seeking behaviour of communities who live near these facilities. Through the BackPack Nurse model we reach women and girls at their locations offering services most needed like Family planning, Immunization and HIV testing

These services are offered free for the most poor. This model has over 34 safe spaces found in villages, which are equipped for more detailed examinations. Central to the Health Program is an unprejudiced work ethic that aims to give a compassionate and professional service to people of all backgrounds and ages. This is an essential component, as many refuse healthcare due to stigma, fear and taboo. The newest edition, we are proud to announce, is the new and fully furnished maternity ward, built early 2019 to provide a safe space for all those in need of a comfortable and safe childbirth.

  • Kenya is one of the most unequal societies in Africa
  • Gains of development have not been distributed equally or equitably, either between or within counties
  • Underlying structures of inequality remain deeply embedded in historical processes of discrimination and inequitable development

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