When resources are acquired and distributed with equal opportunity, the whole economy flourishes. Unfortunately for one half of Kenya’s population, their ability to practice entrepreneurial-ism is either diminished or denied entirely as a result of their gender. The Women Empowerment program provided by Dandelion Africa enables women to undergo a comprehensive five-year curriculum, combining:

Table banking — Short term loans and investments made possible by saving together as a collective. Street Business School (SBS) — A beginner’s how-to on how to kick start a small business. Rights Way Forward — The course also includes crucial information about hygiene, sexual reproductive health and Human Rights.

By donating to this cause you’ll be paying directly into the salary of a Dandelion representative who hosts the lessons and performs the admin. Additionally, you’ll be funding the transport that makes all those remote women’s groups possible. By 2020 we also aim to budget an exchange program, whereby selected members are able to collaborate with likeminded successful SBS groups from further afield. This will help them produce the essential knowledge that can then be shared back with their local communities.

Empower woman, transform a community!