Tegat Disabled Group

Rose Nerea Achieng  

She is a member of Tegat Disabled Group from Mogotio, one of the groups under Dandelion Africa.

What is your occupation and how did you hear about Dandelion Africa?

Dressmaker by profession

“I came into contact with Dandelion Africa after being introduced by my two friends, Margret and Emma, who are members of women groups that have been working with Dandelion for over 4 years. I had mobilized a group of 20 people, we called ourselves, Tegat Disabled Group, we wanted our members who were differently abled, to be transformed the way Margaret and Emmas group had been”.  

Tell us about your Dandelion Journey.

“I come from a community where most women with disability are stigmatized and most do not go to hospitals when pregnant or during delivery, the infrastructure is not there in most public hospitals to cater for persons with disability.  Coming to Dandelion Africa, my group members and I have learnt a lot about human rights, our rights to quality health care, we have learnt about Gender Based Violence, HIV, Female Genital Mutilation and issues of accountability.  We joined Dandelion Africa because we wanted to be like our friends, but today, after being at Dandelion Africa for 2 years, we have the skills to see ourselves not as small business women with disability, but as entrepreneurs”.

Rose Nereah also speaks up in forums on issues of Gender Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation and the importance of persons with disability to be included in all aspects of life.  My capacity has been built, and I must therefore build the capacity of others.” Said Rose from Tegat Disabled Group.

Rose and her group members, use Dandelion Clinic and look forward to the Maternity wing being built because they know that persons with disability will be able to get quality care.

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