Sarambei Self Help Group

Caroline is a member of Sarambei self-help group. Since she joined the group she explains that she had initially had a problem of getting water because of the drought and the river was quite a distance from her home. Mogotio is a semi-arid area.

As a result, she began saving money so she could purchase the water tank through the Dew Drop project courtesy of Dandelion Africa. In May this year, she took the 5000 liter tank and has been paying every month. She says she has really seen changes in her life as she is able to save time which she spent fetching water and the cost of buying water she now is able to save.

Caroline Kiptui, a beneficiary of Dew Drop Project all thanks to Dandelion Africa

“My family is safe from water bone diseases as compared to previous years.  This is a change I have witnessed in less than a year all thanks to the Dew Drop Project. Being in a member of a group has really impacted my life. I’m able to save money here and there and also the trainings the organization has exposure us to have been of great help.  Notably, the value addition trainings on cooking skills have been very significant. My family enjoys balance diet meals all the time.” Said Mrs. Tanui

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