Sarambei Legetyo Women Group

Mrs. Tomno fondly referred as Mama Manu, narrates how she enjoys the freedom she has during table banking unlike other places she has been to that had a lot of restrictions.

The hardworking, outspoken woman with an interest in farming says that, she finds being in an internal Sacco as a unique experience because the members take her holistically and she has been trained on how to save her money and what projects she can invest into courtesy of Dandelion Africa.

Mama Manu preparing compost manure in her kitchen garden as trained courtesy of Dandelion Africa

“I’m so grateful for the trainings Dandelion Africa has been offering us as women groups. The trainings are absolutely free and that makes it so accessible to any woman who is in a group. For instance, the trainings on farming and Right Way Forward have been of significance to my area of interest and I have tried my very best to implement all that we have been trained on.

Currently, I make mats which I was trained by the organization and that has been an incoming generating initiative. I have plans of buying a dairy cow and bio gas plants if all goes well. The women empowerment program has been felt on the ground and I can bear witness to that. “Narrated Mrs. Tomno

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