Right Way Foward

This is a Governance program: The Right(s) Way Forward is a community-based participatory tool that aims at empowering community people to access their rights and to analyze the community’s use of and control of resources in a sustainable way. We believe that Accountability must start with us, the community. The tool accentuates the equal distribution of resources between women and men, enabling community ownership of processes; and creating space for the dialogue between rights holders and the duty bearers to address the community’s concerns in a collective manner.
Our responsibility as an organization is ensure that communities can lobby for themselves on the services they believe they deserve from their government. We train them on creating Community Action Plans which they share with the County Government, understanding the County budgets and participating in Public Participation during County budget discussions at the village level.
1. Communities have been able to lobby for renovation of a health centre in Majani Mingi.
2. They have lobbied for intensification of ending of local brewing in the community.
3. Men have been trained on Gender Balance – More men are engaged in fetching water now giving women more time for other businesses.
4. There has been the setting up of a Gender Desk for reporting of GBV at the local police station because of this program.