Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a violation of human rights. Every girl and woman has the right to be protected from this harmful practice, a manifestation of entrenched gender inequality with devastating consequences. 4 million girls and women in Kenya have undergone FGM and 67% live in rural areas. Girls and women from rural areas, living in poor households, with less education in our communities are at greater risk.

How do we eradicate a tradition that is so entrenched in the community: Our solution is simple, work with the system and the root that perpetuates Female genital mutilation to eradicate it.

The advocacy program aims to increase awareness and responsiveness by the community and stakeholders on Gender-Based Violence against women and men in Baringo, Nakuru and Narok County.

Dandelion Africa is a Kenyan led NGO focused on women’s health and economic empowerment. We work in the rural areas of Nakuru, Baringo, Kajiado and Narok counties in Kenya.

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