Felix & Ishmael

Story of change from Youth Peer Providers
“We visited Kapsetek primary school on January  (2018) and took the pupils through the Dream Course Method where we trained them on life skills, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, how to set goals and achieve them.
The reaction was positive. Very receptive. However, the pupils at that juncture were naive with low self-confidence and extremely laid back. With the realization of this, we spent more time on life skills training and sharing with them of how our journey has been.

“The impacts you make on earth should be something worthy to improve lives”

Our intention was to let them learn from us first. For us, our journey was no different from theirs. It was just that ours was from a different spectrum of life but having the same issues with them. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence and little self-awareness you name them. It is worthy to note that, our personal transformation was all thanks to Dandelion Africa for the numerous trainings they took us through. As Youth Peer Providers, our task was to cascade what we were trained on to this other young generation. Talk of youth to youth conversations.

Ismail Rono on life skills with class seven and eight pupils at Kapsetek primary school.
Using ourselves as testimonials, we positively associated with the pupil’s conditions and that built a rapport between us. Fast forward, we visited the school, twice per month and periodically we could note the differences. The growth was encouraging. Their confidence strength was improving bit by bit. The pupils could participate in the training actively, asking questions and responding to our concerns on the topics covered. This was motivating. We pushed for more. Our objective was to impact both their social lives and academic grandiose.

A pupil at Kapsetek primary school asking a question during one of the session by the Youth Peer Providers
Kapsetek primary is a public school, located on the remote side of Soin ward, Rongai constituency. Their academic performance have been good but we wanted our trainings on Dream course, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights to translate to better academic performance.

Felix Ngando, Youth Peer Provider at Dandelion Africa taking the pupils through an activity
During the interschool mock exams organized by Dandelion Africa amongst 20 schools from both Kampi ya Moto and Soi zone, Kapsetek primary school was ranked second and later on ranked the most improved school by 8 marks as compared to the rest. As a show of appreciation, Dandelion Africa offered to take them for a tour which we think is good way of motivating them even further.” Ismail and Felix

Ismail Rono and Felix Ngando, are Youth Peer Providers at Dandelion Africa who have been training the pupils of Kapsetek primary schools for the last seven months.

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