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This is a registered clinic under the Ministry of Health and offers youth friendly Sexual Reproductive Health services notably; Family planning, Anti-Natal Care, cervical cancer screening and immunization. We offer free primary  healthcare for children under 5 years old to ensure that parents are encouraged to bring their children to the clinic for growth monitoring, nutritional advise and treatment of all diseases including malaria, water borne diseases, skin diseases and opportunistic infections for those who are HIV positive.

Building a healthcare in a marginalized area has seen great improvements in the health outcomes of the community because the distances from facilities ranges from 15 kms to 25 kms.

Dandelion Medical Centre has a Community Health Volunteer Unit (SAKKODA) and is served by 10 Community Health Volunteers who are trained by Dandelion Africa in partnership with Ministry of Health.  They meet once a month together with the Public Health Officer for reporting at Dandelion Africa.

We’ve currently finished constructing a maternity center in the village¬† to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity.Our maternity services are free.