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We believe that gender equality should include the active participation of both genders. Our experience has shown that by introducing an open dialogue about critical issues —such as female genital mutilation and gender-based violence— silence can be replaced with critical thought. Our Boys for Change program has helped create awareness of gender issues among males in the community. This is essential when so many harmful behaviours have become normalised in our communities.
 “We will not accept FGM in our communities anymore, it is a violation and contributes to povertyby encouraging our sisters to get married early and leaving them out of school. As Boys for Change, we say no to FGM.”—HarunMuchai, Head of Youth at Dandelion Africa
While we work to repair the damages made by GBV today, we introduce concepts such as respectful relationships, equality, and accountability as a way of planting the seeds for a better tomorrow. Presently we have over 2000 boys from our schools enrolled in the Boys for Change program. These boys are at critical age and that is why it’s important to us that they’re not just passive observers. They are also involved in creating a mentorship dynamic that enables them to actively participate by creating their own clubs —38 and counting—that help bring students together in forging a respectful community.

In 2017 donations from all-over the world transformed
the lives of more than 5,000 people

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