Backpack Nurse Innovation- A timely solution to undeserved communities.

“Raising triplets is a huge responsibility that has become part of my lifestyle. It is challenging I must confess, but I’m a happy mother regardless. Poverty has no dignity. When I gave birth on February, my biggest worry was how I was going to ensure that my babies are growing under the best of health care.

Who was going to help me carry them to the health facilities for immunization? Will my babies survive and grow up, playing together? I live 12kms away from the nearest health care facility.

I was mentally disturbed and emotionally unstable until a friend told me of a mobile clinic program that visits our village for immunization and family planning services on a monthly basis.

I followed up and waited on them. I’m so glad that my babies received their 1st and 2nd doses of immunization in April and May respectively.

Dandelion Africa Mobile Backpack Nurse came into my rescue and I accessed the services at my reach.”

Sophia Gagure, 35 years old from Barina village.

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