An Introduction

Dandelion Africa is a non-profit NGO with over ten years of hands-on experience in community health, youth and entrepreneurial development. Situated in the heart of the Kenyan Rift Valley, its founder Wendo Aszed along with her small team have balanced a professional and tireless work ethic with a compassionate and welcoming outlook. The result is a grass-roots organisation that is able to truly make a difference and for those who need it the most.
About us


Dandelion Africa has been built from the bottom up by the very people that live in the area it influences. This enables the organisation to have a true understanding of the complex issues it seeks to tackle. To ensure that this remains consistent, a collaboration is maintained with the Dandelion Africa Community Board. This is an assembly that directly represents the communities for which the organisation works, comprising youth, village elders, heads of schools and those living with HIV and disability. This is a dynamic that keeps Dandelion Africa grounded, whilst enabling their work to be direct and reflective.